Schmitt Auto Service is your dealer alternative. When your vehicle needs an oil change, brake service, tires, repairs to exhaust, air conditioning, suspension or any type of mechanical and or electrical repair the mechanics at Schmitt Auto Service are just a phone call away

Our services

routine oil change

It is the most important service your vehicle needs. In addition to replacing your filter and draining the oil, we check air and cabin filters, top up fluids, top tire pressures, check tires and brakes for wear, check suspension for loose components, check exhaust system for brakes and rust, and we reset onboard service intervals.

seasonal tire swap

We see wheels in various sizes and condition. Either way, we inspect/repair tires when they leak, re set tpms sensors, remove rust build up and torque wheel nuts to factory specs so you dont have to make follow up visits.

brake service

Whats stopping your vehicle? Our brake parts come with a limited lifetime warranty.


We have great partnerships with the most popular tire suppliers in the Gta. When its time to replace your tires, we can mount and balance them, and if you need tpms sensors, we have those too.


As your vehicle ages, the rubber bushings, and suspension components shift and wear. We utilize the latest in alignment tech. Our 4 post lifting system can accomodate large heavy vehicles, and lowered sports cars. We can even corner balance and align the car for off road track duty.

complicated engine and transmission repairs

Catastrophic engine and trans failures do happen. Access to manufacturer service procedures and oem parts means we can repair or replace any part of the drivetrain giving your vehicle a fresh start.


Your car exhaust will deteriorate over time. When its time to fix it, we have from ‘stock replacement’ to performance tuned systems and if there is nothing on the shelf for your car, we can build one.

engine assembly

Schmitt Auto Service started life as a tuner shop. Before we were servicing daily drivers, we were building hotrods. We are no strangers to working on modified offroad vehicles.

Fleet services

We know that when your work truck brakes down, it also affects your bottom line. Time is money, and we even the scales with speed. Schmitt Auto Service is part of a large parts supply chain. This allows us to complete repairs often same day.

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